Everything about the LG brand

LG (Lucky Goldstar) was founded in 1958 by a person named Koo In-Hwoi and its headquarters is located in Seoul, South Korea, which started its activity with the production of electronic devices. This multinational company consists of different departments. LG Electronics is one of the largest divisions of this company that produces home and digital …

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What TV is suitable for ps4?

What TV is suitable for ps4?

Today, the game and games industry is growing day by day more than in the past, and this makes the game scene more similar to reality. Also, the immense growth of games and the types of consoles that are used for them is due to the competition between the companies that make them. Due to …

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LG TV installation in Seattle

LG TV installation in Seattle

LG company We know LG’s products mostly with televisions, while this company started its first product with radios and introduced the first series of radios to the market in 1959 in South Korea. And then in 1966, he produced the first black and white television. LG company registered its first sales office in New York, …

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Samsung TV QN800A

Samsung TV QN800A

QN800A is one of the televisions produced by Samsung with 8K image quality and released to global markets in 2021. This TV is offered in large sizes. In this TV, Samsung company has used one of its latest technologies, namely Neo QLED, which usually gives excellent brightness to the TV and finally sets the contrast …

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What is 8k TV?

One of the newest types of televisions is the 8k television, which is produced and marketed in different brands. This TV has become one of the right choices for the audience due to its many features. Stay with us to explain 8k TV and introduce the best of it in this content from Mag Master. …

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What is 4K technology?

4K technology

After the production of LED and 3D displays, a new generation of televisions and screens entered the market last year. Today, most reputable brands such as LG, Sony, Samsung, etc. have unveiled their 4K TVs, and with the entry of other brands into this field, the competition in the production of 4K TVs and screens …

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