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1569 Reviews

eenzy provides professional handyman services for Tv Installation, Tv wall Mounting, Hiding Tv Wires, Soundbar Installation,  Home Theater AV Setup, and Tv Mounting services. 

eenzy Furniture Assembly
762 Reviews

Assemble your furniture faster and easier with eenzy. eenzy provides professional Furniture Assembly, Bed Assembly, Dresser Assembly, Outdoor Furniture Assembly, and Grill Assembly. 

eenzy fitness equipment assembly
439 Reviews

We helps you with Gym Equipment Installing, Fitness Equipment Assembly, Gym Assembly Services, and Gym Equipment Assembly.

eenzy closet installation
231 Reviews

eenzy’s professional handyman services take care of your Closet Installation, Closet Assembly, Ikea Closet Assembly, and more. eenzy installs your closet fast, easy, and clean.

eenzy picture hanging and shelf installation
428 Reviews

We supports you in decorating your house by presenting acknowledged Picture Hanging Service, Wall Hanging Service, Painting Hanging, Shelf Hanging.

eenzy Closet Design
101 Reviews

eenzy’s professional staff help you in both design and purchase process. eenzy presents you with the most professional Closet Design, highest quality material in lowest cost.

Are You a Pro?

eenzy has a track record of hiring reliable, customer-focused employees that are both qualified and Knowledgable. They have a wide range of home renovation, maintenance, and repair experience, and they understand the importance of creating client relationships. Those that cut are offered a competitive work environment and the opportunity to have more control over their earnings and further plans.

If you are looking for a career based on your excellent handyman services skills, eenzy is hiring:


eenzy handyman services and tv mounting service

What They Say About eenzy?

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Jonah Schwarz

Sam did a great job installing the screen, making sure it was highly secure to the wall, which was one of my main worries. I’m glad I chose eenzy and would suggest them to anyone searching for high-quality, professional service at a reasonable price.

From google bussines
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Erin Lawrence

The job was great. Mark spent extra time teaching me how to connect my devices to the television. My HMDI wires turned out to be too short for the installation, so he volunteered to come back later in the week and rewire it. His services are highly recommended.

From yelp
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Teddy Park

Highly recommended: On time, worked fast and effectively, and was pleasant to work with. I didn’t meet the person, but I was disappointed that he didn’t cover the cord. eenzy alerted me that they will return the next day to solve the problem. He did an excellent job! 

from home advisor

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Your Happiness, Guaranteed

Your happiness is our goal. If you’re not happy, we’ll work to make it right. Our friendly customer service agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Handy Happiness Guarantee only applies when you book and pay for a service directly through the Handy platform.

“Handyman projects are scheduled and paid for directly through the eenzy website by the expert, vetted providers who have received good ratings from clients like you.”

Installed With Love!

“Assembled and installed passionately” is not just a motto, but eenzy’s working fashion. eenzy has gathered the most skillful and knowledgeable staff to provide excellent handyman services for you. Choosing our handymen, not only we have considered their skills and knowledge, but also we have paid attention to select the most passionate ones to guarantee our customers satisfaction. We are honored to have an expert team who take care of your installation and assembling while following their desire. Right now, eenzy’s handyman services are available in Seattle and King county.  

The One-Stop Service Platform:

eenzy presents a handful of handyman services, including Tv mounting services, picture hanging services, closet installation, furniture assembly, fitness equipment assembly, and closet design. So, if you are living in Seattle and searching for handyman services near you, you are at the right spot. eenzy can aid you with a bunch of tasks from Tv installation to Ikea assembly and shelf hanging. From installing and mounting the TV to assembling complicated gym equipment, eenzy handles the handyman service for your home or your office. Considering its high customer satisfaction rate and expert handyman services specialists, you can easily rely on eenzy from dresser assembly to closet installation at your house or your office.

eenzy’s Handymen Deliver Smile:

Since the time it has started its journey in connecting people with perfect handyman services, eenzy can claim that it has made profound relationships with its customers one house at a time. No matter which service you are looking for, someone to mount your Tv on the wall, assemble your furniture, hang a picture, install a closet, or assemble your gym equipment, you will undergo a different experience with eenzy. It is the easiest, most convenient way to order home services, with a fast, seamless booking experience, safe payment, and the eenzy satisfaction Guarantee. Because it doesn’t only provide the handyman services but does it right. 

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