TV Mounting Service


TV Mounting Service

Eenzy provides exceptional TV Mounting services in Seattle and surrounding area (Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Kent, Shoreline, Bothell, Lynnwood, Everett, Sammamish, Issaquah, Renton). All our technicians are professionals and ensure high-quality jobs. Our company based in Seattle, WA, licensed by department of Labor and Industries also insured and bonded. We provide 90 days warranty on all our services.

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Jonah Schwarz

Sam did a great job installing the screen, making sure it was highly secure to the wall, which was one of my main worries. I’m glad I chose eenzy and would suggest them to anyone searching for high-quality, professional service at a reasonable price.

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Erin Lawrence

The job was great. Mark spent extra time teaching me how to connect my devices to the television. My HMDI wires turned out to be too short for the installation, so he volunteered to come back later in the week and rewire it. His services are highly recommended.

From yelp

Jenifer Park

Highly recommended: On time, worked fast and effectively, and was pleasant to work with. I didn’t meet the person, but I was disappointed that he didn’t cover the cord. eenzy alerted me that they will return the next day to solve the problem. He did an excellent job! 

from home advisor

The tv mounting service is one of the handyman services provided by eenzy that helps you mount and install your Tv in your favorite place professionally. Flat screens are expensive and challenging to handle while installing. Therefore having a skillful and experienced handyman to mount and install them is of high value.

A Tv installation service helps you to have your Tv mounted securely and safely within an hour. Since the professional handymen have mounted a notable number of Tvs beforehand, they can help you choose the right place. Moreover, they have the right tools and the right skills so they can guarantee the safety of your Tv and your other furniture.

Despite what it looks like, installing and mounting a Tv can be challenging for many reasons. Not all the surfaces in your living room are a secure place to mount your Tv. a professional Tv mounting service aids you to securely mount your Tv in a proper place to enjoy both view and the entertainment. On top of that, they can conceal the cords and clean up the place after installing the Tv.

eenzy Does More than Just Tv mounting service:

If you have purchased a brand new flat screen and have problems setting it up, don’t worry. With the broad digital developments, modern TVs are difficult to install; Not to mention the complicated soundbar system installations and the home theater AV installation.

However, fortunately, you can have eenzy’s support while installing your new Tv and your home theater. eenzy has a great team of handymen that offer Tv installation and Tv mounting service. You can hire them to install your Tv, soundbar system, and your home theater. On top of that, they can also help you to mount your Tv and conceal the cords.

Reasons to use a Tv mounting service:

Your television set should no longer be positioned on a piece of furniture as if it were designed to remain stationary. Modern televisions can be wall-mounted for a variety of reasons, both practical and aesthetic. Tv mounting service is many people’s choice to free space in their living room or change their home’s design. Although it seems very easy to mount a tv on a wall, sometimes it can be very challenging.

Televisions are designed to be wall-mounted

The most obvious reason to put your television on the wall is that most new Plasma, LED, or LCD televisions are built to be mounted.

Extra Space in Livingroom

Additional floor space will be taken up by tables, shelves, or other furniture required to place a television set. Not only would placing the television on the wall free up floor space, but it will also take up less visible space. You’ll also save money on extra furniture by Tv mounting service.


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A cleaner appearance

The appearance of a wall-mounted television is sleeker, and if properly arranged, it may fit in with the wall decor, adding beauty to your living space. The unsightly wires can be hidden beneath the TV screen for a neater appearance. When their televisions aren’t in use, some people have photo slides playing on them.

The Best Viewing Angle

Wall-mounts allow you to position your television at the ideal height and angle for optimal viewing. Unlike TVs mounted on furniture and are sometimes lower/higher than eye level, wall-mounted TVs are at eye level, preventing neck sprain and eye strain.

Where Can I Find Tv Mounting Service?

Although mounting Tv on the wall seems easy, it can be very challenging sometimes. Hence to avoid damages to your Tv or other furniture, you’d better look for a professional Tv mounting service.

eenzy has a team of professional and knowledgeable handypersons that provide excellent handyman services in Seattle and King County for its customers. Eenzy covers a wide range of handyman services, including Tv installation service. You can easily rely for tasks, such as Tv mounting, Tv Installation, soundbar installation, hiding Tv wires, home theater AV setup, and other similar services.

So, if you live in Seattle and wonder where the Tv installation or Tv mounting services are near me, you can contact eenzy. Offering professional handyman services, having a high customer satisfaction rate, and providing great and secure digital platforms are reasons to rely on Tv mounting services.

“eenzy provides excellent handyman services in Seattle and King County. eenzy has a broad team of knowledgeable and skillful handypersons to serve all your handyman needs. All of our handypersons have passed special skill tests to be a member of eenzy’s team. We have been punctilious in choosing our staff so that you can trust them easily.”