Samsung TV QN800A

Samsung TV QN800A

QN800A is one of the televisions produced by Samsung with 8K image quality and released to global markets in 2021. This TV is offered in large sizes. In this TV, Samsung company has used one of its latest technologies, namely Neo QLED, which usually gives excellent brightness to the TV and finally sets the contrast ratio at a very high level, so that the image can easily be seen in dark environments. provide you with the highest quality. Note that Samsung has also used a VA panel for this type of screen, which can improve the contrast ratio to a great extent next to the Neo QLED screen.

Apart from these, Samsung has created a possibility by providing a very powerful processor to provide Neo Quantum 8K images, so that it is much easier to access the operating system programs in it. This processor makes it possible for existing programs installed on the TV to run without the slightest delay. Also, this processor can monitor the sound system in a completely intelligent way and by recognizing your instructions to run the programs, it matches itself and recognizes your voice to provide you with the contents and programs. Internet access is also in the best possible condition on this TV.

Samsung TV QN800A

More flexibility in the design of the Samsung 65QN800A

Samsung 65QN800A TV is more beautiful and powerful than you can imagine. This device is really beautiful, with clean lines and a super slim profile. The design of this product complements a modern decoration or even better to say it enhances its style wonderfully. The standing and attached legs of this device make it very suitable for placing on the table. These stands have a beautiful black color and support the weight of the TV well. The color of the front body of the device is stainless steel, and this will also be a strong point in its design. One Connect box helps to collect cables in one place; This new box is slimmer than previous models.

Apart from all this, by having a new feature, you will be able to give an artistic feeling to your room. By activating the Ambient Mode+ feature in this flagship TV, you can make an art frame from the TV. The fact that the TV has elegance and slimness is enough by itself, but even more progress can be made. When the ambient mode is activated on the 65QN800A TV, the TV is ideally able to imitate the pattern behind its wall and become its shape; This is while the TV is off. With this function, the TV will become a part of the decoration. If you wish, you can prepare an archive of your favorite photos to appear consecutively during downtime. So with this feature, you won’t just see a dark screen in front of you.

The new generation of QLED TVs with 8K image quality

As we said in the introduction, the new generation of Samsung QLED TVs was introduced as Neo QLED. Samsung 65QN800A with amazing 8K resolution is one such new TV. This TV creates a super sharp picture with highly focused mini LED lights. The best LED TVs on the market used the local dimming feature in the best way to reduce the noticeable difference with advanced OLED TVs. Even in the panels that use LED lights all over the screen, some light leakage is evident, but this problem has been solved in the new generation of these TVs. Quantum Matrix Technology will display unimaginable details in very dark and bright scenes. The powerful evolution of Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K comes with a backlight reduction technology.

In fact, in the 65-inch Samsung TV screen, Mini LED lights are used with a very high density so that the light control is much more advanced than before and the light leakage (Blooming) is reduced significantly. The very powerful neo quantum processor of the Samsung 65QN800A TV optimizes the scenes being displayed. The new Neo QLED display maximizes the beauty of this panel by covering a wide range of colors. The true resolution of 8K invites you to be amazed. 33 million pixels on the TV display provide deep colors and incredible clarity. Now you can watch and enjoy everything in 4K resolution.

Samsung TV QN800A

Samsung Neo Quantum 8K processor

In the Samsung 65QN800A TV, every image can be upscaled to close to 8K resolution by using a multi-layer artificial neural network that performs data processing based on learning processes like the human brain. Samsung Neo Quantum Processor 8K; This is the title of Samsung’s new processor, which performs its task very powerfully and intelligently. Samsung says that by using this Neo Quantum processor in the Neo QLED 8K TV, you will experience unimaginable clarity and depth. It must be admitted that the bright future of TV performance in picture quality is here; Very powerful processor processing will define this future.

The Samsung Neo Quantum 8K processor optimizes each video scene scene by scene with deep learning analysis based on the latest artificial intelligence technology to experience the real viewing pleasure. Nothing will be the same; You will feel the ultra-sharp 8K resolution on the 65QN800A display. Apart from these, you will be able to watch what you like with 8K resolution on the screen. With advanced 8K AI Upscaling technology, movies and other types of content are upscaled to outstanding 8K resolution by using the TV’s powerful processor that uses a combination of deep learning algorithms. With the Adaptive Picture and Adaptive Sound features, the content will be automatically optimized according to the conditions for the best viewing experience.

You will get a better viewing experience with two great TV features…

With Anti-Reflection feature in 65QN800A TV, glare will be minimized to reduce distraction. With the anti-reflective coating, watch your favorite shows uninterrupted at any hour of the day. Glare will be minimized and unwanted distractions will be reduced. Even when the light shines directly into the room or the lights are on, you will see a complete and accurate image in front of your eyes.
With this TV you will get the best possible view wherever you sit. You will evolve with the Ultra Viewing Angle of this TV. Most TVs either have a wider viewing angle or have a good contrast ratio. Samsung 65QN800A covers both of these features well. The superb viewing angle is designed to reduce glare and enhance color regardless of where you sit, ensuring you have the best viewing angle anywhere.

Real fast gaming experience on 65QN800A TV

Among the wide range of capabilities and features of the Samsung 65QN800A TV, the power of the TV in terms of playing fast games and action content should be mentioned in particular. Using Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ technology, this TV plays action movies, sports content, and games very smoothly. With the motion interpolation feature, each frame will be recreated at the right time so that the game experience will be greatly improved. 4K content with a frame rate of 120 Hz will be ideally implemented on the screen of this TV. This new TV with HDMI 2.1 port support covers the next generation gaming features including Game Motion Plus and 4K@120Hz.

With a variable refresh rate, the game experience will be transformed because the refresh rate changes automatically. The two features of Super Ultrawide GameView and Game Bar completely transform the game experience. The Super Ultrawide GameView feature provides much more flexibility. By changing the screen ratio to two modes, 21:9 and 32:9, you will have a larger screen for the right position for your eyes to enjoy a wider game experience. Of course, you should pay attention that this feature is only supported for super wide games. You can optimize your game on 65QN800A TV with the game bar menu. For example, you can adjust the aspect ratio and headset settings from this section. The HDR game will also run efficiently on the screen.

Samsung QN800A TV installation

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