Everything about the LG brand

LG (Lucky Goldstar) was founded in 1958 by a person named Koo In-Hwoi and its headquarters is located in Seoul, South Korea, which started its activity with the production of electronic devices.

This multinational company consists of different departments. LG Electronics is one of the largest divisions of this company that produces home and digital appliances.

History of the LG brand

LG officially started its activity in 1958 under the name of Goldstar. In 1962, LG produced the first Korean telephone, in 1965, the first Korean refrigerator, in 1966, the first Korean black and white TV, and in 1968, the first Korean air conditioner. With significant progress, LG established its first foreign branches in New York and the United States of America in 1968 and 1978. The company merged with Goldstar and Goldat Communications in 1992 and was renamed from Goldstar to LG Electronics in 1995. Following the increasing progress, in 1991, it won the first place in the world with the highest export of household appliances, and in 1995, it established its second company.

With the motto Life’s Good, LG has always aimed for quality and well-made, and in 2013, it launched the first commercial TV with OLED screens, which are much thinner and clearer than LCD screens. It should be mentioned that in 2000, the first Internet refrigerator was produced in Korea by LG, and the GSM phone, which was one of the other products of this company, was able to reach other countries, including Russia, Indonesia and Italy.

LG brand

What does the LG brand name stand for?

In 1958, after the end of the Korean War, this country needed to produce electronic devices, that’s why Goldstar Company was established in 1947. The company had a sister company called Lak-Hui (English: Lucky), which merged with each other to form Lucky-GoldStar, which was renamed to LG in 1995 for a strong presence in the global market. Of course, some people consider the name of this company to be an abbreviation of its motto, Life’s Good.

LG brand products

In 1959, LG company introduced its first product, which was a radio product, and in 1960, it expanded its fields of activity and included the production of chemical and electronic products among its activities. It should be mentioned that LG company produced the first Korean production phone in 1962 in Korea.

The production of LCD, LED, OLED screens and smart TVs, mobile phones, communication devices and personal computers, flash memory, LG phone batteries, monitors, home theaters are among other products of this company. Also, LG produces and supplies products such as refrigerators, gas stoves, built-in ovens, microwaves, washing machines, dishwashers, compressors and electric motors in the household appliances sector, which was one of the most productive sectors in 2007.

In the field of air conditioning and energy solutions, this company has the production of air conditioners, air conditioners and electronic cars on its agenda. It can be said that the products produced in this sector include automotive engineering, comfort and safety equipment, and information and entertainment equipment.

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