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TV Installation Service

Although seemingly a simple job to install your TV on your own, this gadget has recently become a genuinely media system as a result of the great progress made in the technology world.
If you look at your grandparents’ old photos from 30 years ago, you would mostly notice that the televisions were all placed in a box in the corner of the room. Whereas in today’s life, 90% of them have found their place on the wall, in wall closets, and even on the ceilings, which requires their own standards to be followed.

Types of TV mounting brackets

There are four main types of brackets on the market, including the following list. These are the different ways of showing how TVs are mounted:
• Fixed/Tilt Mount
• Full Motion Mount
• Mantel Mount
• Ceiling Mount

Pros and Cons of Putting Your TV on the Wall

Setting up a TV on the wall can be advantageous in two ways:
Firstly, you do not need a TV table, so in this way, you maximize your room space and prevent the extra money that will be spent on it.
Secondly, you make it less reachable, minimizing the risk of it falling to the floor and being damaged. Your kids and pets can easily run around the house without the fear of the TV falling on them and causing harm.
There are disadvantages to be considered, however, for mounting your TV on the wall:
One of the most important factors that should be taken seriously is the height of the TV on the wall. If you do not install it at a standard level, you might experience sore eyes and neck pain in the long term.
The other issue to be taken into account is for those who want their TV attached above the fireplace, especially in small houses. There is a risk of damaging your TV up there, where the heat is at its highest level. A solution to this matter has been made, though: you can install a mantel shelf above your fireplace to prevent the possibility of temperature damage to your beloved TV.