TV features suitable for CCTV cameras

TV features suitable for CCTV cameras

With the advancement of technology, the use of television is no longer limited to watching movies and series, and people use it for other purposes as well. One of the important uses of television in today’s world is watching and checking different parts of shops, buildings and houses using CCTV cameras in these places. But not every screen is suitable for this work. If you are planning to buy a TV suitable for CCTV but you don’t know what features it should have, follow us until the end of this article.

Features of CCTV television

Features of CCTV television
Features of CCTV television

You might think that a regular TV or gaming TV is a good choice for CCTV cameras, but you’d be wrong. If you are planning to buy a CCTV monitor, it is better to buy a CCTV camera based on your needs and uses, and do not pay more for additional television features. Among the most important things that you should pay attention to when buying a TV suitable for CCTV cameras, you can pay attention to the following:


Considering that today’s televisions are very large, you might think that the bigger the CCTV television is, the better because it is easier to see the environment covered by the camera. This is despite the fact that in 99% of the time you don’t need to check the small details of the film and a small image can also solve your need.

If you have installed several cameras in your desired location and you want the TV image to be divided into several parts and all cameras can be checked at the same time, you can buy a bigger TV. It should be noted that closed-circuit cameras are often not of high quality, using too large a TV will blur the images, and the large screen size will be practically useless.

Resolution and image quality

Another point that you should pay attention to when buying a CCTV monitor is the quality of the TV image. This issue becomes very important for identifying people’s faces and seeing car license plates. For this reason, if you install a camera in a place where accurate identification of people and license plates is very important, try to choose a TV that is of very high quality and the details are as clear as you need on the screen.

Black and white or color

Although most televisions today are color, you don’t really need to use this type of television to use a CCTV camera, and you pay an extra fee for this feature. Especially since night vision cameras are all black and white and cannot recognize colors.

If you search a little, you can buy a black and white TV suitable for CCTV and not pay more for a color TV. Of course, if you need to recognize the color of a person’s clothes or the color of a car, you have to spend more and buy a color television and a color CCTV camera.

Speaker quality

Considering that most closed-circuit cameras do not transmit sound, the quality of the TV speaker will not be particularly effective for you. Therefore, we suggest not to buy televisions with Dolby sound quality.

Display type

Currently, the televisions in the market have LED, LCD, OLED or QD-OLED screens, which will become more expensive based on the technology used. Our suggestion for you to buy a television suitable for CCTV cameras is a television whose screen is LCD, because it has a lower price than other models, and at the same time, it will also meet your need to see the images sent by the CCTV camera.

Easy to use

Another feature of the television suitable for CCTV cameras is its ease of use. The more capabilities and features of the TV, the more complicated it will be to use and the more difficult it will be to work with it. For this reason, when buying a CCTV monitor, pay attention to the fact that the television you choose must have several inputs and be easily connected to your CCTV cameras. Connecting the TV to the Internet and connecting a laptop or computer to a wireless TV are other things that a suitable CCTV camera should have to make the use of this technology easier.

The price is right

Another issue that you should pay attention to when choosing the right TV for a CCTV camera is its reasonable price. Considering the many technologies that exist in the field of Dolby sound, 4K resolution and OLED display, the price of the latest model televisions can be very high for you and you may not use these features much.

Try to buy a TV that you need the facilities and features used in it. These models are usually cheaper and simpler models that are easier to repair, and if you need to repair your TV in the future, you don’t need to pay exorbitant fees.

The possibility of connecting various types of input

The best television suitable for CCTV cameras is a television that can be connected to all types of input and output wires. In fact, it is a suitable TV that has the types of ports needed for different models of closed-circuit cameras so that it can be connected to them and show the images well. VGA, CVBS and HDMI ports are among the most important input ports in any CCTV monitor that can be connected to most cameras in the market.

Can be installed on the wall

Normally, a suitable TV with a CCTV camera is installed on the table, but if you have a lack of space, you should consider installing the TV on the wall. Therefore, if you do not have enough space to place the TV on the table, be sure to pay attention to the ability to install it on the wall when buying a TV.

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