Investigation of TV Nanocell Technology

Investigation of TV Nanocell Technology

Nanocell technology is one of the proprietary technologies of LG brand, which with its invention took a big step in increasing the quality of TV images.

If you are looking to buy a quality TV and you want the colors to be displayed in the highest detail, buying a nanocell TV may be a good choice for you.

However, it is better to read this article to the end to be aware of all the advantages and disadvantages of this technology and make your final decision.

What is LG Nanocell TV?

The LG brand is a Korean brand that occupies a large part of the world market with itself and its products, and all lovers of technology and home appliances know it.

This brand is one of the most successful home appliance manufacturers that tries to make life sweeter and easier for you by producing products with the latest technologies in the world.

As you know, the higher the clarity and quality of the images on TV, the more fun it is to watch movies and series. In this case, you prefer your TV to be able to capture all the colors in the movie to enjoy more color variety and beauty of images.

Nanocell technology was created with the aim of displaying colors more accurately on TV screens and revolutionized the field.

Nanocell TVs are actually the TVs with IPS screens in which the technology used was upgraded and introduced in 2017 as NanoCell.

This technology increases the intensity of the colors and gives them a higher resolution so that the viewer can watch a higher color spectrum on their screen.

In this way, in this series of LG TVs, you will not have a decrease in image quality and reduction of screen brightness, and the image quality will not change if the TV is exposed to sunlight and light bulbs.

What is the technology used in nanocell TVs?

In general, the evolution of home TV after ordinary and large models, underwent changes in LED, LCD, OLED and QLED models.

The LG brand maintained its popularity and sales by producing each of these models and was able to become more popular by adding nanocell technology to some of its models.

The technology used in the nanocell is in fact the use of a white screen consisting of nanoparticles, between the screen and the LED board, which will better separate the colors from each other and display a wider color spectrum on the screen.

This nano screen increases the intensity of colors and gives them more clarity.

In fact, this screen can better direct the emitted rays from the range of LED lamps and display more diverse wavelengths, which is great for high-color films, especially nature documentaries.

The high quality of the images has led some experts to consider the images broadcast by nanocell TVs to be more than just natural images.

They believe that this TV can depict a color spectrum that the human eye would not normally be able to distinguish all of these colors from each other.
Disadvantages and advantages of buying an LG TV with nanocell technology

If you are planning to buy a TV with nanocell technology, you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of buying this model so that you can make your best purchase with your eyes open.

Features such as the ability to mount the TV on the wall is one that is found in all models and is not recognized as an advantage or disadvantage.

Advantages of buying an LG TV with nanocell technology

The most important advantages of buying an LG Nanocell TV are the following:

Lower price than other models

Of course, the difference between an LED TV and an LCD TV is not hidden from anyone, but you may be hesitant to buy a nanocell TV and an OLED TV and not know the difference between them.

These two models have the latest technologies in the world, but the first difference can be seen in their price. Nanocell TVs are cheaper and at the same time have higher picture quality.

It should be noted that if the TV panel breaks down, you will probably have to pay more for the Nanocell model.
Using Dolby Atoms technology

Using this technology in this series of LG TVs has made the sound quality go beyond expectations and you feel better and more vivid while watching movies and series.

Better portrayed color spectrum

As we discussed in the previous section, the technology used in Nanocell allows a wider range of colors to appear on the screen.

Better portrayed color spectrum

As we discussed in the previous section, the technology used in Nanocell allows a wider range of colors to appear on the screen.

Disadvantages of buying a Nanocell TV

The most important disadvantages of having a TV with nanocell technology compared to other models on the market are the following:

Low quality black in dark places

These models of LG TVs perform best in bright environments. But in dark places, they can not display the black color of the images well.

In fact, the nano screen raises the brightness of the image so much with the aim of brightening more colors, that the dark color becomes a little bluish like black and may not be very appealing in some films.
Inability to distinguish between gray and black

As mentioned in the previous section, a TV with nanocell technology will not be able to display great dark colors such as black and will be slightly bluish and gray. This does not make a good distinction between the black and gray color spectrums.

Normal contrast

High Contrast Another component is having a high quality picture on TV, which is very common in nanocell technology.

It seems that nanocell technology, however, can capture a wider range of colors.

But it has a little problem in showing the end and the beginning of the color spectrum, ie white and black, and for this reason, it will provide a normal but acceptable contrast to its viewer.

High repair cost

Due to the use of special and unique technology of nanocell technology, you have to pay more to repair your TV because you have a special device that needs its own parts.

The last word

In this article, we tried to answer questions such as what is nanocell technology and then examined its advantages and disadvantages from different angles. According to the explanations that we provided above, these TVs are suitable for all people whose image quality and sharpness and clarity of colors are among their priorities in choosing a TV. Thank you for being with us until the end of this article.

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