How to connect laptop or computer to TV wirelessly?

HDMI and VGA cable connection

To connect a laptop or computer to a TV wirelessly, you need a new laptop and of course a smart TV that has a Wi-Fi system. Otherwise, one of the ways to connect the laptop to the TV is to use an HDMI or VGA cable, in such a way that you connect one end of the cable to the laptop and the other end to the HDMI receiver of the TV.

HDMI and VGA cable connection

Other ways to connect laptop to TV

There are other ways, such as connecting a laptop or computer to the TV through WiDi, through Google Chromecast, through DLNA, etc. For people who spend a lot of time watching movies and series, or For those people who are very interested in online and computer games, using a laptop has many advantages, for example, when watching movies and series on a laptop, you can try different programs and among them the best movie player software. Choose. Or when playing computer and online games, if you use a laptop, you can have a wide range of games at your disposal. Of course, in addition to all these advantages, there is also a big problem, and that is the small size of the laptop monitor, which causes eye irritation in the long run.

By connecting your laptop or computer to the TV, you can view all the programs, games, movies, etc. that you have on your laptop or computer on the TV screen and enjoy more because the TV screen is bigger. At the same time, you don’t need to worry about consuming your internet volume because Wi-Fi Direct is used in the method of connecting your laptop or computer to the TV wirelessly and it will not reduce your Wi-Fi volume.

How to connect laptop to TV wirelessly

How to connect a laptop or computer to the TV wirelessly includes several steps that will be explained in detail in this article.

How to connect laptop to TV wirelessly

These steps are: (These steps are for laptops with Windows 10 Premium)
• First, turn on the laptop’s Wi-Fi, as well as the TV’s Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct.
• Follow the steps below in order on the laptop to find the name of your TV.
Bluetooth & Other Devices
Add Bluetooth & Other Devices
Wireless display or dock
By choosing the name of your TV in this step, you can see the laptop or computer screen on the TV screen.
To choose the type of display of the laptop or computer monitor screen on the TV screen, you can choose the Change Projection Mode option and choose one of the four options that are displayed.

These four options are:
Disconnect, Duplicate, Extend and Second Screen mode

1- If you want the desired image to be displayed only on the laptop or computer monitor, you must select the Disconnect option.

2- If you want the desired image to be played on the computer or laptop monitor screen and on the TV screen at the same time, you must select the Duplicate option.

3- If you want to have two separate screens at the same time, you can choose the Extend option.
With the help of this option, the image with icons can be seen only on the laptop monitor, and the image without icons is displayed on the TV screen. In this case, the mouse pointer can only be seen on one of the screens, and to transfer it to the second screen, you must move the pointer to the farthest part of the monitor on the left or right side, and then the mouse pointer will enter the second screen. .

4- If you want to see the image only on the TV screen after connecting the laptop or computer to the TV via wireless or wireless, and the monitor of your laptop or computer is disabled, you can select the Screen Only Second option. That is, this option works exactly the opposite of the Disconnect option.
If the image of the laptop screen is not clearly displayed on the TV screen, you can place the laptop closer to the TV to get a better quality image. Of course, updating the Windows laptop does not affect the quality of the received image.

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