The best Samsung 55-inch TVs

Samsung TVs are the most popular TVs in the world. Every year, Samsung comes to the forefront of the competition with a heavy basket and occupies a large share of the market. Samsung has been the world’s largest TV maker for more than 10 years, and it has added to that pride every year. Samsung has achieved significant sales with the production of “the cheapest 55-inch TVs”. The 55-inch TV is very popular due to its reasonable price and standard size for any space. Accordingly, Samsung and other competitors pay special attention to 55-inch TVs. Samsung has produced and introduced to the market very successful examples in 55-inch TVs.

Samsung 55AU7000 TV

Samsung has been successful in producing low-cost TVs. Excellent picture quality, many features and modern design are the strengths of cheap Samsung TVs. The cheapest Samsung TV in 2021 is the Samsung 55AU7000 55-inch TV. Samsung has used the LED display with a resolution of 2160 x 3840 pixels or Forca on the 55AU7000 TV. Using the PurColour feature, this display is able to capture images with clear and very beautiful colors and make the user enthusiastic. The use of Crystal Processor 4K and Tizen operating system are other important features of the cheap 55-inch Samsung 4K TV 55AU7000.

The Samsung 7000 Series TV was launched in 2020 under the Samsung 55TU7000 logo. This TV is one of the most popular Samsung TVs that was able to sell well at a reasonable price.

Samsung 55AU8000 55-inch TV


Mid-range TVs account for a large share of sales. Mid-range TVs have a lot of fans due to their high quality and reasonable price. One of the top mid-range TVs is the Samsung AU8000 TV. The 55-inch Samsung 55AU8000 TV uses a 4K LED display. Forka technology provides a resolution of 2160 x 3840 pixels and provides fast and shake-free images. Samsung has taken advantage of the Dynamic Crystal Color feature, which is able to display bright and natural colors. Also, due to the use of Crystal Processor 4K, we see a very good performance in audio and video, which will satisfy the user.

Samsung has used modern Motion Xcelerator technology in the 55-inch TV Samsung Crystal UHD TV 55AU8000. This feature has maximized the refresh rate of images and the speed of image transfer, and has caused the user to face fast and shake-free images that are much needed in games or fast movies. The most important difference between the AU8000 TV and the Samsung AU7000 TV in this regard. In creating rich sound power, Samsung has also made a distinction between mid-range and high-end TVs, the most important of which is the use of Q-Symphony technology. As before, Samsung has used the Tizen operating system for its smart TV, which will provide a wide range of features to the user.

This TV replaced the back of the Samsung 55TU8000 55-inch TV. The cheap 55-inch Samsung 55TU8000 TV has some differences with its new series, but it is more affordable.

Samsung 55-inch TV Samsung 55AU9000

Samsung TVs fall into two categories. UHD TVs and QLED TVs form these two categories and have different features. “Samsung’s best 55-inch UHD TV called AU9000” will be launched in 2021. The 55AU9000 TV has a very beautiful appearance and quality close to QLED TVs and has attracted a lot of fans. The best Samsung 55-inch UHD TV, Samsung AU9000, is powered by an LED display with a resolution of 2160 x 3840 pixels. This display has a much higher quality than its lower models and will immerse the user in its color and image. Samsung has used Dynamic Crystal Color technology to provide rich, natural colors. HDR technology and support for HDR10 + files are other notable features of this TV.

Samsung has used the updated Crystal Processor 4K processor. This processor provides audio and video beyond expectations and will bring complete user satisfaction. Thanks to the use of ALLM and eARC capabilities, the Samsung 9000 Series 55-inch TV has made it possible to play games with the best possible quality. These features make the game run in the best possible way for the user and will create the highest level of satisfaction. In addition to these features, Samsung has used Xcelerator Motion Turbo technology and will display shake-free and fast images. Samsung has also been very successful in creating surround sound. Samsung’s powerful audio system utilizes Q-Symphony and OTS Lite capabilities, providing rich, all-encompassing sound. Samsung has used the Tizen operating system and will provide a wide range of features to the user.

In 2020, this model was introduced to the market with lower features and quality, called TU8500. Samsung 55TU8500 TV was one of the top TVs in the market in 2020, which will provide many features to the user. Samsung has provided the highest level of features for the user at the lowest cost and can definitely satisfy the user completely.

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