5 facts about mobile

1- There are more mobile users than toothbrush users in the world!

Well, apparently the popularity of smartphones is more than that! With the advancement of technology and the further production of smartphones, these devices have made their way to many governmental and non-governmental sources. Likewise, the popularity of mobile use became more and more. To be more precise, the planet has a population of about 7.8 million people. Of these, more than 4 billion people have access to and use a smartphone. Only 3.5 billion people use a toothbrush regularly! As a result, smartphone users outnumber users by about 500,000,000. It seems that using mobile phones is more important for today’s people than observing dental hygiene!

2. Almost all smartphone users put their devices in their hands or close to their hands around the clock!

It is interesting to know that more than 90% of adult smartphone users hold their devices in their hands or close to them. It is also around the clock! Smartphones are an integral and important part of today’s world. For adult users, this is most common in adolescents and children. Apparently, the older we get, the more addicted we are to smartphones, and this increase in addiction is not complete.

3. In the United States, only a quarter of smartphone users have access to the Internet!

It seems that unlike easy access to mobile phones in the United States, the majority of users do not use their phone Internet. Exactly 25% of users in the United States connect to the Internet by phone. Perhaps the existence of different operators and the payment of additional fees is one of the reasons for this.

4. Currently, the number of smartphones in the world is about 5 times more than personal computers!

With the widespread use of smartphones, users preferred these devices to do many of their daily activities, work and entertainment. Easier access and portability, lower prices and more extensive marketing are the reasons for this. With the daily development of this industry, the share of smartphones among users is increasing every day.

5. More than 80% of American adult users own at least one smartphone

The United States is one of the largest mobile markets in the world. This market is very important for companies like Apple. Many companies offer long-term installments of their smartphones to customers, which tempts users to buy a smartphone. Similarly, the special focus on the US market has led to more than 80% of American users owning at least one mobile phone and using it on a daily basis.

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