Introducing the best gaming TV

Introducing TV for gaming

You might think that a gaming TV is just a commercial to sell more, and there is no difference between gaming TVs.

But if you are a gamer and you are interested in Xbox and PlayStation games, you should know that buying a game TV will greatly increase your gaming skills.

Introducing TV for gaming

Gaming TV has the least delay in playing the game and therefore will give the user more opportunity to have a better reaction in the game.

Although this is different in just a few hundredths of a second, it is very important for an exciting game. Excellent color contrast level and high brightness, in addition to capturing more beautiful images, will cause less fatigue to the gamer’s eyes.

Support for high dynamic range and less data latency from input can also make the gamer open his best.

These are just some of the reasons why gaming TVs are different from regular TVs, and it is clear that having a gaming TV can have a big impact on how well you do.

The best and most popular gaming TVs on the market that have been released in 2022, the following can be mentioned:


This model is one of the newest models on the market, which is called art TV because it is made like an art board.

Everything a gamer needs to have a quality game, you will have by buying this model. The Evo OLED display with 4K image quality, with Alpha 9 gen 5 processor, guarantees you the best performance.


Given the great success of this series of LG TVs, it seems that the C2 model will be recognized and introduced as the best suitable TV for gaming among some professional gamers.

This model has the best TV size for gaming and will provide everything a gamer wants.

4K OLED display with 120Hz refresh rate can be one of the best TVs on the market for you. This model has an Alpha 9 gen 5 processor and 4 HDMI2.1 ports, which is excellent.

This model has a high quality and if you use it properly and correctly, you will not need to repair your TV for many years.


It is one of the cheapest gaming TV model B2, which has very high possibilities for gaming. This model is not much different from the previous two complete and excellent models, and its manufacturers have only slightly reduced its hardware capabilities.

Model B2 is only available in 55, 65 and 77 sizes and can display 4K image with its OLED display.

The processor of this model is Alpha 7 gen 5, which is lower than the previous two models, but it can be used for gaming.

120Hz refresh rate and 4 HDMI2.1 are other great features of the LG B2 TV.

By installing a TV on the wall, you can easily play like a professional gamer and enjoy the best picture and high performance.

Sony A95K TV

This model is produced only in 3 models of 55, 65 and 83 inches and its display uses the new generation WD-OLED, which has a higher brightness than plain OLED.

4K image quality and its XR Cognitive processor can provide you with the highest quality image with the least image latency. The refresh rate of this model is 120 Hz and it has an hdmi2.1 port with VVR.
It should be noted that the A95K model has a higher price than its other models due to the use of the latest OLED model. However, the high quality and brightness of the images on the WD-OLED display is incomparable to its predecessor.

So if you do not have financial problems in buying a gaming TV, we suggest you buy the Sony A95K model.

Sony A90K TV

This model uses a simple OLED display and therefore has the best price compared to the A95K model.

4K display quality, Android operating system and XR Cognitive processor are the best things that make this model a special TV. The only significant difference between the A90K and the A95K is its display type.

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