How to strengthen your TV antenna or digital receiver?

TV antenna

Television has been considered a member of the family for many years and it keeps the family members busy and entertained for hours, day and night. When you are waiting for your favorite series to start, or you are engrossed in watching the exciting football game of your favorite team, or you are waiting for important news to be broadcast from the TV news, and… the worst possible thing is that the picture or the sound of the TV is interrupted or there is snow. The picture is due to the weak received signals.

One of these ways is to strengthen the TV antenna, which prevents this from happening and helps you see clear and high-quality images.

Another way is to buy a TV that suits your needs, and the TV buying guide article will help you make the best choice.

There are various and different ways to strengthen the TV antenna, which, besides being convenient, are often very effective. In this article, we will mention some of them and give the necessary explanations about them, stay with us.

As you know, audio and video data are transmitted through waves. These data, which are broadcast in the form of signals from broadcast stations, are received by the antenna and enter the TV receiver through the cable that connects the antenna to the TV and are broadcasted in the form of audio and video from the TV screen.

However, we all have had this experience time and time again that when the signal received through the TV antenna is weak and the images are interrupted and connected or the image disappears completely from the TV screen, we have moved the antenna and its installation location or direction. We have changed it, this work sometimes causes the signals to be strengthened and the problem of sound and image is solved, but sometimes it is not the answer and to solve the problem we have to use other ways to strengthen the TV antenna.

Among the solutions to strengthen the TV antenna are:

1_ Placing the TV antenna in the right place

One of the most effective factors in the quality of received signals and the quality of images broadcasted on TV is the appropriateness of the location where you have placed your TV antenna.

Height is an important factor in strengthening the TV antenna, because the waves that contain sound and image move directly, and if there are obstacles in their path, the power of these waves will decrease and weaker quality waves will reach our antenna. so be careful that the higher you install your antenna, the better the quality of the images broadcasted on TV will be.

It is interesting to know that any obstacles, including buildings, walls, etc., that are placed between the antenna and the center of broadcasting signals, weaken these signals, so it is better to install the antenna on the roof or balcony if possible. Or if it is not possible and you don’t have access to the roof, at least place it next to the window.

TV antenna

2- Choosing and buying suitable antennas

Depending on where you live, you can get desktop antennas or multi-directional antennas that are mostly placed on roofs. Most of the time, omnidirectional antennas show you better quality images because they receive signals from several directions. But in some places it is enough to use desktop antennas and the images will be broadcasted on TV with good quality.

3_ Antenna cable length

The length of the cable that connects the antenna to the TV is also partly related to the amplification of the TV antenna. The shorter the length of the cable, the better the quality of the received signals.

4_ Placing the antenna in the right direction

If you use directional antennas, you can turn the direction of your antenna towards broadcasting stations and masts to strengthen the TV antenna. If you do not know the location of masts and towers broadcasting TV signals and data near your residence and you have not seen them, you can use the FCC or DTV antenna map to find their location.

5_ Using an antenna amplifier

The TV antenna amplifier is a device that is placed between the TV input and the antenna. Using this device is one of the best ways to strengthen the TV antenna, and its efficiency is such that it amplifies the weak waves it receives from the antenna to about twenty decibels and then transmits it to the receiver, thus causing It will create quality images.

These amplifiers receive and amplify even the weakest signals from the waves. The bands that TV antenna amplifiers receive and cover are: VHF and UHF, as well as FM radio.

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