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Maybe you are one of those who have doubts about buying a 4k or Full HD TV, this article will help you to make a better and wiser choice by comparing these two types of modern technologies. It is better that before Every time we decide to increase our information about this type of TV and the difference between 4k and Full HD TV.

The difference between full hd and 4k quality

If you are thinking of buying a big TV, it is better to decide to buy TVs with 4K UHD technology, which have more quality and resolution than Full HD technology.

What is the difference between 4k and full HD TV?

For this purpose, we have reviewed 4k and full HD TV from 3 perspectives; The number of pixels, beauty and attractiveness and applications. But for the first case, we have to explain the pixel.

What is a pixel?

The image is made up of the density of pixels together, pixels are also referred to as the points that make up the image, small units that each display a color, and when all of them are placed next to each other, they form and display an image. give So, the higher the pixel density, naturally, the clearer the images you see will be.
The number of pixels used in the row and column of the screen is called resolution, the optimal resolution is different for different screens, and higher pixel density in larger screens will display images with better details.
The issue of resolution is so complicated that various numbers and definitions have been used for it, but all of them will prove that higher resolutions will show higher quality images. In this article, we will tell you the 3 differences between 4k and Full HD TV.

The number of pixels in Full HD and 4K

The technologies used in 4K TVs have a higher number of pixels than FULL HD, so the level of detail in the image is higher. The 4k system gives a real look to the image. Full HD TVs are present in many homes, but they are increasingly a part of the past.
New UHD TVs with 4K resolution are the new standard in the market and also have several important technologies at hand that play a new concept of visual and audio enjoyment in every home.
4K TVs increase the number of pixels used in FULL HD technology by almost 4 times, because they have a resolution of 3840 horizontal lines with 2160 vertical lines; That is, we can see a very accurate image in the same screen size, which will have higher resolution and image quality and pixels. But Full HD TVs have 1920*1080 pixels.

Beauty and charm

Definitely, 4K TVs can hypnotize any viewer with their quality, the presence of eight million pixels on a TV screen makes a difference that every viewer’s eye can perceive and touch.
Buying a TV

4K UHD TVs have the ability to upgrade HD quality to Full HD and display them with a quality close to 4K. If you see these TVs up close with your own eyes, you can’t help but admire their beauty. Really increasing the resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) makes a difference that you will be able to clearly see.

Increasing programs compared to before

Programs and movies recorded with 4k technology are few but increasing. Many 4k programs are provided by services such as Netflix, YouTube and Sony Video.
Some TV manufacturers provide a hard drive containing 4k movies along with their product. In addition, many smartphones have the ability to record videos with 4k resolution, and the user can watch recorded 4k videos on his TV. The new technologies that manufacturing companies add to TVs every year are mostly for 4k models, not Full HD.
In full HD TVs, we must use HDMI cables, and if we do not use this cable, Full HD will have no meaning. These types of televisions are gradually becoming obsolete, although there is not much 4k quality content or very little, but most people like to have the latest available technologies and they have already attracted many people. In addition, 4K TVs can upgrade low-quality content to 4K quality by supporting image upscaling.
You can contact the online repair agency to repair the TV and request a technician as soon as possible.
In the meantime, every brand tries to show the best quality among TV suppliers, companies such as Samsung, LG, Sony, etc. have the best types of TVs with modern technologies, and with the entry of other brands into In this field, the competition in the production of 4k televisions and screens has become more heated than before. In almost all the cities of these companies, their authorized agents provide suitable services for purchasing and support to buyers.



We can’t tell you for sure which one to buy because we don’t know your situation, but we hope the information in this article can help you decide which home monitor to buy. The advantages of 4k TVs are related to the limited human understanding of image details, and for this reason, the farther the viewer is from the TV, the harder it is to notice the difference between this type of technology and older generations.
Your conditions and needs as well as the budget you have for buying a television are two important points that you can make the right decision based on these two. If you don’t have a problem in terms of cost, definitely get a 4K TV because they have a wider range of colors and resolution than FULL HD models. But if you really need a TV and your budget is limited, get a FULL HD model.

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