Learn how to clean a coffee maker

Drinking a cup of coffee overnight is really enjoyable. And with a cup of coffee on the first day, you can bring that day to night with energy
Just as coffee is important, so is its taste and quality
We use a coffee maker to make coffee. If we do not clean the coffee maker after making coffee, the taste of coffee will change over time.
Definitely no one likes to taste bad coffee
So in this post we want to teach you how to clean a coffee maker

How can we easily clean our coffee maker with vinegar?

Vinegar is a powerful cleanser so it can easily clean your coffee maker too.
To do this, you must remove all the coffee maker parts and first rinse with water
Then fill the coffee water tank halfway, half with vinegar and water and let it stay in the tank for a while.
Then empty the tank and rinse and try again
Keeping vinegar inside the coffee water tank cleans the bacteria and sediments left in the body.
Also, do not rinse the coffee filter with vinegar

How can we clean a coffee maker without using vinegar?

Using vinegar to clean a coffee maker can have an unpleasant odor, and you may not like that we have a second way to solve this problem.
First prepare a cup of boiling water
Then pour some lemon juice to make it acidic, and then pour that cup into three cups of plain water in the water tank, and after staying for a while, rub around the tank with your hands to clean it.

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