Xiaomi mini projector even fits in the pocket!

Xiaomi mini projector was introduced with specifications such as small and portable dimensions, NFC communication technology, quad-core processor and economic price.
In introducing its latest electronic product, Xiaomi unveiled a mini projector, which is a small version of the company’s projector family. Despite the affordable price tag, this product offers good specifications.
Xiaomi mini projector uses a miniature structure compared to its previous model. The net weight of this device is 1.2 kg and it is easily portable. The new Xiaomi product also supports NFC technology to display content through one touch. All you have to do is to gently touch your smartphone to the sensor part of the body, and the display content of the mobile phone will be played on the projector screen.

In terms of hardware, the Xiaomi Mini Projector uses a high-performance Amlogic T972 quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, complemented by 16GB of internal storage. This configuration is ideal for watching high-quality videos as well as running heavy software without lag.

Xiaomi mini projector is equipped with a camera with high sensitivity and Full HD resolution of 720 pixels. Its brightness level reaches a maximum of 250 lumens, which, of course, is not very impressive. Also, using features such as intelligent monitoring autofocus, four-point keystone correction, you can freely adjust your video in four different directions. In addition, this product has a valid SGS certificate to reduce blue light, which can reduce eye irritation with its filter.

In terms of battery life, the Xiaomi mini projector has a built-in battery with a capacity of 29.97 Wh, which can easily last more than 2 hours with continuous use. With this, you can watch a full movie in places like camping, business meetings and parties .

Also, a 1.5 watt internal speaker is built into the body of this device, which provides 8 watt power, full frequency and high quality. Also, this projector is equipped with WANOS panoramic sound virtual sound field technology, which provides users with a sense of three-dimensional space to provide an immersive content viewing experience.

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