What should we pay attention to before mounting the TV?

mounting tv

mounting TV

mounting a TV on the wall is one of the things we may want to do after a purchase or to add variety to our décor. Before you even think about installing a TV on the wall, you need to know that it is not as simple as you think!

Which place is suitable for mounting the TV on the wall?

Choosing a place does not mean mounting the TV in the living room or the bedrooms! Be sure to specify the installation location in advance. We mean choosing the right wall.
Be careful that the wall you choose does not reflect light.
To solve this problem, you can choose a wall that has a ninety degree angle with the window. In this case, only soft light may affect the TV screen. If you still have problems with this light, you will need to use a thick curtain.

What should be the height of the TV on the wall?

One of the most important things you need to know about wall mounting is the proper height. This size usually fits the size of your TV and sofa; But in general, the height of the TV from the ground should be something around 105 cm.
Also, the distance of the sofa that you and your family members use to watch TV should be at a distance of 3.5 meters from the TV. Note that these numbers are approximate, but common and commonly used.

Advantages of wall-mounted TV

By installing the TV on the wall, you no longer need the TV table, as a result, this action will significantly reduce your costs.
If you have a small child or children moving around the house a lot, installing a TV on the wall is an ideal choice for you. By placing the TV on the wall, this device is out of reach of children and the risk of falling and injury is reduced, as well as the risk of electric shock due to incorrect connections.
You have more space by installing a TV on the wall. In small houses and apartments that have little space, by installing a TV on the wall, the space will be more open and your house will look bigger. This model of TV installation has a direct impact on the beauty of your home decoration.

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