The best TV size for your home

best TV size for your home

What is the best TV size for my home?

Every year we see new televisions and technologies entering the market. Also, every year, the average size of TV in homes is increasing and the standard of the best TV size is constantly changing. These days, 75-inch TVs are the most popular and used. Therefore, if you go to dealers or TV repair, you will see a wide variety of different brands of 75-inch TVs. This does not mean that this size is suitable for your home!

Small TV size, 24 to 32 inches

The smallest TVs are produced in 20, 24 or 28 inches. The best application that can be considered for these dimensions is to be placed on the desk and even use them instead of the computer monitor. Larger dimensions include 32 and 36 inches, which are very suitable and practical for being placed in bedrooms.

Also, if you live alone and your home space is small, these TV dimensions are the right choice for you. Among its most important advantages, we can mention their affordable price compared to other dimensions.

Keep in mind, if petite is your choice, you have to accept some limitations. For example, 32-inch TVs are not suitable for displaying 4K movies, and you can only use HD 720 or 1080P. It should be noted that most TV programs are broadcast in HD quality and you won’t miss much by choosing small sizes!

Medium size TV, 40 to 43 inches

Medium size is one of the best TV sizes. In fact, the 40-inch size is the smallest size where you can watch the highest qualities, including Ultra HD and 4K, at the lowest price. The medium size of the TV is one of the best choices in front of you. It is good to know that with this size you can also experience 4K computer games, PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox NS consoles.

Large size TV, 55, 65 and 75 inches

People who are fond of watching movies and experiencing real home cinema, consider the best TV size to be in this category. If the number of people in your family is large and you are interested in watching TV programs as a group, we suggest you choose the large size. Of course, keep in mind that these dimensions are proportional to the size of your house.

Large size TVs are not cheap at all and will take up a lot of space. Therefore, if you don’t have financial restrictions and the space of your home helps you, these dimensions are the best size of TV and you will not regret choosing it.

The difference between a 55-inch and a 75-inch TV comes down to the space they occupy and their price. In general, the price of a 75-inch TV is about three or four times more than a 55-inch one. If you have financial constraints, the 55-inch TV is the best size and its dimensions are large.
TV size is not everything!

The point to consider as a summary of this article is that the size of the TV is not everything! This means that large dimensions will not necessarily be the best TV size. Large dimensions require very high quality content; To give you the real pleasure of a home cinema. Otherwise, choosing a large size will not hit you!

Keep in mind that among the different dimensions of the TV, there are two types: flat and curved. Curved types have a larger size than flat types; Therefore, be sure to check your chosen space before buying.

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