How to Hang Pictures?

How to Hang Pictures?

It can feel like putting up a new painting, or a collection of family photos is complicated. While there are components to investigate, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to putting them together. It helps to learn the basic concepts of decorating first, then improvise; the most beautiful arrangement may be the one you least expect. To begin, layout the photos you want to display, prop them against the walls, and think about your alternatives. Consider all of the possibilities. Allow someone to hold a piece against the wall while you assess it. If you’re combining numerous pieces, lay them down on the floor and rearrange them until you discover a composition you like.

Once you Start, it Becomes Easier.

A common thread will bind the parts together in most groupings. Perhaps the photographs are part of a series or collection; if not, maybe the frames and mats are all the same color. A set may not always require a connecting feature; in other cases, the only unifying factor, perhaps its diversity. These types of collections require a little more courage and are best suited to a less formal setting. When it comes to specific placement, the consensus is that photographs should be hung at eye level. This idea is a good starting point, but it’s far from conclusive. There are numerous reasons to hang pictures and artwork higher or lower than the standard height. You’ll need to react to the architecture and furniture in any scene, as well as follow your intuition. A few inches in a hanging arrangement can change the mood of an entire room:

  1. Move the images to the other side of a sofa or chair to make the space more unified, snug, and inviting.
  2. Hang pictures or small paintings over the door to add a surprise aspect to a room.
  3. Run a sequence of images directly over a chair rail to draw attention to it.
    A few tiny pieces hung above a desk will create a refreshing view when you look up from your job.

Precise Measurements and Proper Tools are the Essentials:

When hanging pictures and photos, don’t rely on guessing; bring out the tape measure and be precise. A hammer, a screwdriver, and a carpenter’s level, preferably 24 inches long, are the only other tools you’ll need for most photos. The center should be 57 to 60 inches off the ground when hanging something at a normal eye level. The formula is as follows:
● Divide the frame’s height by 2.
● Decrease the distance from the top of the frame to the hanging hardware from that value.
● Multiply by 57, 58, 59, or 60.
This is the height (from the floor) the hangers should be installed in the wall. If you’re hanging a grid or a series of pieces, you won’t need to be as accurate with your measurements if you’re going by instinct rather than eye level. However, if you’re hanging a grid or a series of pieces, you’ll need to be precise to achieve uniform spacing.

Use the approach that provides the most stability when hanging your art. It’s recommended to use two picture hangers to avoid photographs swinging or tilting. Install two D rings immediately opposite each other on the back of a frame. Check a mark on the wall in pencil (or on strips of masking tape, if you like) for each hook once you’ve determined where you want to hang a picture; make sure the marks are at the same height, using a level. Start by hanging the photos level if the room has a tiny slanted floor or ceiling; if they appear crooked, cheat a little to make them appear straight, even if they aren’t. In this situation, you may choose to string picture wire between the D rings; nevertheless, hang it from two hooks unless the image is tiny. Decorative picture-hanging gear, such as vintage hooks or French rods, can give a single painting or collection a new look.

Hanging Eclectic group of Pictures:

Mismatched pictures are more difficult to hang than identical pictures in similar frames, but the effects may be captivating and truly transform a space. A free-form, asymmetrical grouping of sketches, oil paintings, architectural renderings, a display of cameos, and a beautiful wall bracket may give the living area the illusion of a comfortable parlor. The frames are diverse, but they all have a formal sense of them. The pieces would appear to float away if hung higher; the sofa, just a few inches below, gently anchors them.
Establish the placement of images and components before drilling a hole in the wall. Place them on the floor and against a wall or piece of furniture, and move them around until you’re satisfied with the results. The spacing between the photographs doesn’t have to be even for this grouping, but try to avoid uninterrupted “rivers” of space running horizontally or vertically between them. A carpenter’s level is must-have equipment for any carpenter. Mark the positions for the hardware on the wall and use the level to make sure they’re even before installing hardware in the wall if you’re using two D rings to hang a picture from two picture hangers. Hang the picture first, then use the level to make it straight if you’re using one or two picture hangers and wire strung on the back of the frame.

How to Hang Big Pictures or Artworks?

If you desire to hang a big piece of art or picture on the wall, hiring a picture hanging service is the best way. While hanging large art pieces, even if you know how to hang them, you will need some extra hands. Moreover, moving large pieces of art can be tricky since it can harm other furniture. Hiring a picture hanging service allows you to use the professional handymen’s experiences. Because of their experience, professional picture hangers have a great eye and every required tool for hanging your masterpieces properly.


Although you may be hesitant, hanging your favorite pictures on the wall is a great way to decorate your room and bring a whole new source of positive energy to your living room. Once you start hanging pictures on the wall, you will see that it wasn’t that complicated. However, to hang your pictures easily and quickly, we recommend you hire a picture hanging service. Professional handymen offering picture hanging have the right tools and adequate experience to help you decorate your room by hanging pictures on the wall. eenzy has a top-rated picture hanging service that helps you to hang your pictures safe and sound.

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