Basic solutions for cleaning the TV screen

TV screen cleaning

TV is one of the most used devices in every home; Therefore, its cleaning is of special importance. Many people think that cleaning the TV screen can be done at the same time as dusting other parts of the house, and only a sprinkling of glass cleaner and wiping with a cloth is enough! If you think like these people, you are very wrong.

Sometimes, performing the simplest tasks and methods that we have learned to clean household items, have a completely opposite result for the TV, and sometimes they face us with damage and failure. Technology is advancing day by day, and televisions are no exception; Besides the great quality they provide you, they are also very sensitive and vulnerable.

Learning how to properly clean the TV screen allows you to give your home the gift of cleanliness in addition to taking care of your device.

TV screen cleaning

Common mistakes you make in cleaning the TV!

One of the most important things you need to know about how to clean your TV screen is what not to do! Before you want to learn the ways and methods, it is better to leave the wrong habits you have had so far. Of course, keep in mind that we are waiting for your opposing opinions!

Usually, when these actions are discussed as “common mistakes”, there are many people who insist on harmful solutions and say that they have been using these actions for months and even years to clean the TV screen and they have not had any problems. In response to these people, we must say that you are very lucky that you have not suffered and your device has not been damaged!
But this luck is not the reason that others will not suffer from it like you, or in the near future, you will not suffer from it either. The best thing is to prevent the existing consequences and take the best cleaning methods. What are these common mistakes? Have you ever done them?

Do not spray the cleaner directly on the screen under any circumstances!

One of the biggest mistakes people make when cleaning the TV screen is spraying detergent on it. This is a big disaster and it may not cause damage at first, but rest assured that the damage will show over time.

One of the important features of these days’ displays is that they are frameless and protective; In fact, as time passes, their extra parts are removed and their elegance is added. When you spray the detergent on the screen, this substance easily penetrates under the screen through the narrow frame next to the screen. It plays in it.

As one of the common experiences of this problem, it can be mentioned that the corners of LCD screens turn black. Sometimes these spots may be very small, but it is impossible to evaporate them without damaging the screen! If you have been doing this until today, stop it from now on.

TV screen cleaning

Be sensitive to cleaning ingredients

As you can see, under no circumstances should you spray cleaning solutions directly onto the screen. But does this mean using any material on the napkin? Certainly not! Many people use the same glass cleaners to clean the TV screen. Be careful that the TV screen is very different from the window glass and has more sensitivities.

These screens are not resistant to chemicals, and even touching them once may damage them! Therefore, one of the important points that you should know about how to clean the TV screen is not to use cleaning materials that contain alcohol or ammonia solutions.

Kitchen towels are not a good choice for cleaning the TV screen

As we said, the screens are very sensitive and delicate; Therefore, we should pay attention to the choice of cloth or cloth that we are going to cover them with. One of the mistakes people make is that they use kitchen towels to clean the TV! These towels are made to dry your hands and remove oil and water from the skin, not for the screen! Towels can easily remove the transparency of your device’s screen and make it scratch the day.

Another bad choice for cleaning is multipurpose wipes. These napkins have many uses and are used for different surfaces; Therefore, they may contain small and rough materials that can damage our screen. Stop using these tissues to clean the TV screen.

TV screen cleaning

Learn how to clean the TV screen

After learning the “don’ts”, it’s time to know what to do for cleaning? Before we try to teach the solutions, it is good to know that in order to increase the life of your device, it is better to put it in a condition that does not need much cleaning. For example, you can put it in dust-free places and teach your children not to touch the TV screen directly.

Be careful, do the following solutions in order to clean the TV screen. If in one of the steps you find that you have reached the cleanliness you want, end the work there. Otherwise, you can continue the solutions until you get the desired result. What are the solutions for cleaning the TV screen?

First step: Prepare the TV for cleaning

Before doing any cleaning, make sure the device is turned off. Be careful, this blackout means unplugging the device from the power outlet. Also, keep in mind not to perform cleaning activities until the device has completely cooled down.

Step 2: Dust the screen

In the next step, you should dust the screen and remove its dust. Keep in mind that the best type of dusting is to do it without touching the screen. For example, you can use compressed air

in this direction.
Step 3: Clean with a dry microfiber towel

Microfiber cloths are a good choice for cleaning the TV screen and you can easily find and buy them in stores. Our recommendation is to use a dry tissue in the initial stages. Many stains will be removed with this dry cleaning and you will not need other steps. Note that all activities on the screen should be done slowly and under no circumstances pressure it. Also, avoid circular movement and move the napkin from top to bottom with left to right.

Step 4: Dip the microfiber cloth in distilled water

If the previous steps on how to clean the TV screen did not give you the desired result, you can use distilled water. Moisten the napkin to the extent that its wetness is obvious. Also, keep in mind that this wipe should not be so wet that the drops float on the screen and penetrate into it. Forget the use of tap water completely; Because the minerals in it will damage your screen.
Fifth step: Dip the microfiber cloth in distilled water and vinegar

In 99% of cases, only using a dry microfiber cloth is enough for cleaning and it does not reach this stage. If the dirt is very severe, dip a microfiber cloth in distilled water and white vinegar and gently wipe the screen. The amount of moisture in this step is the same as the previous one and it should not be too much or too little.

Today’s screens are very sensitive and delicate, and you should pay attention to their cleanliness. This screen can be a TV or laptop screen or anything else.

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