10 Best Handyman Services Near Me

10 Best Handyman Services Near Me In Seattle & King County & ballard & queen anne

Nowadays, especially after the pandemic, many people prefer to do things online. Handyman services ease lives. Getting them online eases lives even more. Many companies provide online handyman service booking. However, with this broad, complicated market, one might wonder where the best handyman service near me is? Or totally which company provides the best handyman services. If you reside in Seattle or King County, keep reading about the best handyman services near you.


Best Handyman Services in Seattle:

There are many factors included when deciding about the best handyman services, from the quality of the work to prices and support. I’ve tried to name the top 10 handyman services in Seattle based on the quality, rates, customer satisfaction rate, and support in the following list. Companies are listed in order based on online reviews, quality of work, and rates.

#1. eenzy

eenzy, founded in 2014 in Seattle, Washington, is number one Handyman Service Provider in Ballard, Seattle. eenzy is known for providing high-quality handyman services at reasonable rates. Because of the great work their handymen provided, eenzy gained conspicuous popularity in a short time.

Click Here to See eenzy Services

eenzy’s handypersons are all knowledgeable, skillful, and experienced in their fields and have passed certain skill tests on eenzy’s team. On top of that, they have licenses and certifications for the job they are providing. According to the high customer satisfaction rate, eenzy’s handyman services are among the most reliable ones in Seattle and King County.

To book a handyman service, you can easily access their website and ask for your service. The companies main services include Tv Mounting, Furniture Assembly, Fitness Equipment Assembly, Picture Hanging, Shelf Installation, and Closet Design and Installation. Their website is very user-friendly, and you can enjoy real-time customer support while booking your service.

Moreover, based on the customer reviews, both handymen and the company do great customer support.

eenzy area service is covered all King County and Seattle city including Ballard and Queen Anne area you can see eenzy location in Seattle by click here

#2. Chardoul Sutter Construction

In 2007, Chardoul Sutter Construction, Inc. was founded. Pre-1940s restoration and Northwest contemporary building projects are their expertise. The scale of the projects ranges from new bespoke mansions to little handyman jobs. Pre-construction, construction management, and value engineering consultancy are also available through Chardoul Sutter.

They work directly with the client’s Architect and Designer to make their desire a reality. Chardoul Sutter has a large network of Architects and Designers to help the homeowner discover the right match for their vision. The end product is outstanding craftsmanship from craftsmen that enjoy their work and value the art of construction!

#3. Knights Of Property

Knights of Property was established in 2013 to provide handyman services for maintaining properties. The company is known to be very innovative and experienced in the field. The companies main services include Painting and decorating, plastering and tiling, Electrical work, Safety Checks- PAT tests, gas checks, HHSRS, Furniture and rubbish removal, Key cutting, lock changing, Gardening, Joinery – including kitchen fitting, door hanging, laying the laminate flooring, Plumbing, and heating repairs, i.e., leaky taps, pipes, radiators, boiler upgrades, and replacement baths/showers.

#4. Fixer

Fixer is dedicated to offering exceptional client experiences (via technology and professional service) as well as robust full-time job opportunities for men and women in the construction trades in the communities we serve. Their handymen are not independent contractors but full-time workers who receive salaries, benefits, and ownership shares. The company was established in 2017. The main services provided by the company are plumbing, drywall, painting, door and window repairs, TV mounting, furniture assembly, and smart home device installation. Fixer is one of the handyman services near me in Seattle.

#5. Seven General Contractors

This also young company is one of the popular handyman service providing in Seattle. The company’s main services include Appliance installation, Door Installation, Home Remodeling, Plumbing services, Ceiling & Wall Painting, Commercial Services, Interior Painting, and Wallpaper Installation. Seven General Contractors claim they can provide the type of peace your mind can depend on.

#6. Obie’s Handyman Services

Obie’s Handyman Services is a small company with an excellent team. They are known for their great consulting. The company’s main services include Auto Maintenance, Home Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Painting, and Handyman services. Obie’s Handyman Services is well known in the Cleaning sector.

#7. TK Fix It

TK is another famous handyman service in Seattle that is known to be very fast. So if you are in a hurry and wondering what the best handyman service near me is, you’d probably contact TK Fix It. This small company also has a high customer satisfaction rate. The company’s main services are appliance Installation, Door Repair & Installation, Plumbing Services, Furniture Assembly, and Mirror hanging.

#8. Green Concept Cleaning and Maintenance

Green Concepts Cleaning and Maintenance is a family-owned and operated business in the community. We believe in using high-quality materials and providing outstanding customer service. They have over 15 years of real estate and property management expertise, giving them a unique perspective on what customers want in a cleaning company. The most important service of the company is cleaning. So, if you are wondering what is the best handyman service near me for cleaning, you can contact Green Concept Cleaning.

#9. SDV Construction and Remodel Handyman

SDV is one of the good companies in the field. They provide almost every kind of handyman service with good quality. Company’s services include Tile Installation, Appliance Repair, Commercial Services, Door Repair, Flooring Installation, Furniture Repair, Installing Customer Purchased Material, Picture & Mirror Hanging, Appliance Installation, Caulking, Door Installation, Floor Repair, Furniture Assembly, Home Remodeling, Virtual Consultations, and Plumbing.

#10. Jack Of All Trades

Jack of All Trades is a small family business founded recently in Seattle. According to online reviews, Jack and his team provide excellent handyman services in Seattle. The company offers Plumbing Services, Handyman Services, Light Upgrades, Faucet Upgrades, Ceiling Fan Installation, Interior Mouldings, and Door Upgrades.

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