Criticism of Gplus TV; Image quality and performance review of Gplus TV


What country is GPLUS TV made in? What is the difference between LG and J Plus? How is the quality of GPLUS TV? Such questions will always be asked when buying top brand audio-visual equipment and are the concern of many buyers. Therefore, you should review G Plus TV in terms of various components such as image quality, sound system, device features and facilities, input and output ports, TV size, appearance design, etc., so that a safe and quality purchase can be made.

G Plus TV review

In response to the question at the beginning of the article, which country is GPLUS TV made in, we must say that GPLUS TV  has been produced and marketed by Goldiran Iran since 2017. Goldiran Company is the official representative of LG brand in audio and visual products in Iran, which has started its activity since 1376. In addition to selling LG home products, this company also offers warranty and after-sales services of this brand.

As we said, what country is the GPLUS TV made in, during the last two years, Goldiran Company has proposed and implemented the production program of this GPLUS model TVs. Therefore, Iranian GPLUS TVs have been produced and marketed with the advice of Korean engineers and relying on the production of internal parts of the device. This model of G Plus TVs comes with a Goldiraan warranty and a very reasonable price.

GPLUS model TVs are produced and supplied in three series, i.e. Power, Stellar and Style. The power series of G Plus TVs are produced in two sizes, 32 inches and 40 inches. The quality of GPLUS TV of this model is at a high level and has been able to attract the satisfaction of customers. Among the features of this G Plus device series, we can mention A+ panel, Time Shift, recording on external memory, noise reduction, signal amplification, etc.

The quality of the 40-inch GPLUS TV model is completed with Full HD resolution, which will result in a unique design and excellent image quality. Also, the ability to support all digital networks and DVBT2 technology has improved this series of G Plus TVs compared to the other 2 series of devices.

The Stellar series of G Plus TVs has been produced and marketed in 3 sizes: 50 inches, 55 inches and 56 inches. The quality of GPLUS stellar TV with UHD resolution has guaranteed the best images on the device. This G Plus TV model with support of more than 80 million pixels and one billion colors will result in very high clarity and resolution of images while watching movies and playing games.

Also, this series of GPLUS smart TVs is equipped with Android 4.4 operating system, which will meet the needs of users to access all kinds of smart facilities and capabilities. The presence of A+ panel, the ability to automatically reduce image noise, strengthen the received TV signals, etc. are among the other features of this J Plus brand series.


The style series of G Plus TVs is produced and marketed in two sizes: 43 inches and 50 inches. The quality of J Plus style TV with Full HD resolution, the ability to automatically reduce image noise, signal amplification, support for all digital networks, Time Shift technology, recording on external memory, etc. are among the features of this Iranian brand series, which are among the advantages and The strength of this device should be mentioned for selective preference.

In the review of GPLUS TV for each model and series of devices, the quality of the image and the clarity of the display must be taken into account when watching movies. Benefiting from some modern and necessary technologies such as the presence of A+ panel, IPS, HDR technology, 4K, etc., has resulted in high transparency and the display of images with completely rich and pure colors with high contrast.

Time Shift technology will provide the ability to watch your desired program again. In fact, this functionality in GPLUS TV allows you to easily return the image to a few minutes and watch the part you want again while watching programs. Also, the ability to automatically reduce image noise makes noisy and opaque images automatically turn into clear and smooth images. The input and output ports of this J Plus smart TV model have USB HDMI input, composite, component, Wi-Fi, headphone output, Bluetooth, etc.

Another component in the GPLUS TV review is the audio system and speakers of the device. Most G Plus TV models have a two-channel audio system with an output power of 16 watts, each of which is 8 watts. With this powerful audio system and clear and clear sound, you will not need to buy additional audio systems such as a sound bar.

Among the other audio technologies of this model of J Plus TVs, we can mention Dolby Atmos audio technology, Adaptive sound control technology, DTS, etc., which will make sound settings suitable for the content being played and sound clarity.

Of course, along with all the advantages and strengths that we have mentioned for GPLUS TVs, there are weaknesses in some components such as the relative weakness of the processor and the low speed of executing device commands, the low accuracy of motion control of GPLUS TVs, inappropriate viewing angle, less settings, etc. The comparison with LG TVs is significant.


The difference between LG and GPLUS

The difference between LG and J Plus is significant in terms of frame design and color, device features and capabilities, Android operating system, input ports, etc. Of course, GPLUS TVs, like LG, have tried to make them acceptable and similar to LG TVs in terms of appearance design, speakers, location of TV keys, some features and essential features of the device.

However, checking GPLUS TV and paying attention to its advantages and disadvantages can help you in choosing and buying new models of this Iranian brand, so that you can evaluate the quality of GPLUS TV and identify the desired model that has the facilities and capabilities you need. So, make a purchase of a domestic product at a reasonable price that will also have a high purchase value.

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